Video Optimization

Video Optimization

Create Awareness, Affect Purchase Decisions and Encourage Customer Retention


With more than a billion videos being watched every day in the United States, video optimization is an important opportunity for businesses to create awareness, affect purchase decisions and encourage customer retention. Our video optimization solution leverages data insights from on and off-page ranking factors with the ultimate goal of optimizing content and impacting decision makers at multiple points in the purchase funnel. We use advanced marketing technology to analyze universal keyword research that provides insights on how video visibility can be maximized across channels, and it provides recommendations for existing and new video keywords. Our on-channel optimization uses YouTube-specific keyword insight to optimize video titles, descriptions, links and categories. Plus it identifies top and niche video sharing sites for syndication and affiliate marketing.

Our video optimization solutions include:

Audience Targeting and Segmentation
Comprehensive Keyword Insight
Video Content Gap Analysis
Industry-Leading Technical Code
On-Channel Optimization
Video Syndication
Active Optimization™


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